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From Where I'm Standing

I was comissioned to write ‘From Where I’m Standing’ for Delirium Theatre Company in 2013 with Kate Robson-Stuart. It previewed at the Pegasus Theatre in Oxford and then went on to do a full month’s run at the Underbelly in Edinburgh.

From Where I’m Standing is told in three time periods. In 1997 we see secondary school sweethearts on the eve of Tony Blair’s election. In 2013 a bombing has occurred in Mumbai. In 2028, a world obsessed by social media, a couple are feeling the ripple effects of what happened in 2013.

The British Theatre Guide

‘It is a compliment to Delirium: that its take on the subject has a freshness and impetus that is all too rarely seen…a nicely produced play that gets beneath the surface of an important issue and tries to link it to ordinary life, suggesting that this is a company to watch ‘.

The Quotidian Times

‘Intriguing, adventurous and imaginative…’

              The Stage

‘Time jumps backwards and forwards but writers Sarah Henley and Kate Robson-Stuart have created a forceful narrative through line that keeps each character and component part together….a beautifully crafted and thought-provoking show and one that deserves a bigger stage and audience.’


The Skinny

‘ The performances from each cast member are incredibly strong and you find yourself invested in character arcs into the middle of which you are thrown, desperate to know how you got there and how it will turn out. From Where I’m Standing doesn’t disappoint.’

Fest Mag

‘This is a play that deserves a bigger stage and asks serious questions about the nature of compassion, humanity and the point at which we now find ourselves.’

Three Weeks

This outstanding play…engages with problems which feel truly relevant to our time, such as concerns about the threat of terror, communication and a reliance on technology…a moving story about the importance of storytelling.’


Exeunt Magazine

‘A beautifully directed expression of how hard it can be to hold on to the past, or understand it once it’s gone. From where I was sitting, that was the show’s most powerful statement.’

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