STREETSSarah co-wrote the book for the new musical ‘Streets’ which premiered at the Cockpit Theatre in April 2013.

Streets shines a spotlight on the lives of young people growing up on the streets of London, against the backdrop of the London riots.

Streets is a huge collaboration combining writers – Sarah and Tori Allen-Martin, composer – Finn Anderson, spoken word/rap artist -James Kenward, and beatboxer -Tom Swarman aka Pikey Esquire.

Sarah and Tori have been nominated for Off West End Awards for ‘Streets’ as ‘Most Promising New Playwrights’ and the show has been nominated for ‘Best New Musical’. ‘Streets’ had two showcase performances on the 19th June at the Hackney Empire. ‘Streets’ also had an ACE funded run at The Vaults in 2015.


The Stage

‘Streets is a breathtaking new piece, with a gripping story by Tori Allen-Martin and Sarah Henley and featuring beautiful performances from its young cast…Streets might not be the next West Side Story, but with its crew of starkly feral dancers bringing Anderson’s music to life and the sheer energy of the company, in 21st century London it’s probably the closest you are going to get.’

A Younger Theatre

‘What could feel disjointed is held together by a strong through-line and Anderson’s captivating score. The ends of both acts are incredibly climactic – a lot happens in a very short space of time, particularly in the conclusion, but this is done with such precision and clarity that the audience never feels lost…. Most of all, this is theatre for the younger generation that is fiercely creative and thrillingly fresh. It deserves to be seen by as many people as possible’

Stage Door FM

‘Streets has brought fresh breath into what’s seemingly become a staid industry. It positioned itself as a ‘new kind of musical’, and it totally lived up to that expectation. A young cast of relative unknowns, supported by a fresh new soundtrack, a compelling storyline and some great choreography, Streets did everything that it said on the tin… and then more….Everything worked well; whilst there’s been movies over the years dealing with gang culture/miss-behaved kids/drugs/violence etc, it’s never successfully been brought to life on-stage…. until now. If you can cope with the most gripping of storylines though with a few laughs, songs and smiles along the way, then Streets Project is definitely one for you.

Arts Preview -Five Stars

‘It is brutally honest, edgy and has a plethora of crazy young talent bursting at the seams. I urge you to witness this extraordinary piece of theatre.’

So So Gay

‘Streets gives the audience a real and organic glimpse into inner city life in the 21st century…a wonderful show which manages to stand head and shoulders above a lot of other ‘new’ shows we see these days. From the performances of the cast, the amazing choreography and the sublime vocals we can see it being a contender for a long time to come. A terrific performance piece that will leave you feeling better for having seen it.’

Bargain Theatreland

‘At times this show is truly haunting with its raw realism and serves as a reminder to us all of what is happening now, on our streets, whether it be as a result of family neglect, or of government cuts to local amenities for young people.  Streets doesn’t preach, it encourages us to think, and gives us a great time along the way with edgy beats, strong language (don’t bring your young children) and powerful acting.  As my guest said to me during the interval, “if Eminem and Plan B were to write a musical, this would be it”, which I know she meant as the highest praise.’STREETS 2

West End Wilma

‘A powerful, sometimes brutal and often moving work…a compelling and provocative piece of musical theatre brilliantly acted throughout by a talented young cast and it certainly lives up to its claim of bringing the genre bang up to date.’

West End Frame

‘I have never seen anything like it before in my life…If you want to see a new, thought provoking piece of theatre you must see Streets. The show is cutting-edge and bound to leave a big impression on you.’