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Getting Out

Getting Out was my first play. It’s an hour long comedy and features 11 characters, multi-role-played by a cast of six, depicting the comedy of life in a London law firm.

It was first performed at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre and the initial three weeks were extended by another two due to demand.

The Stage
‘Stellar performances from a talented and versatile cast who expertly morph between multiple roles’

‘Great moments of original humour and physicality’

‘Henley expertly juggles multiple characters and story strands’

‘An enjoyable play by a clearly talented new writer who demonstrates poise and comic timing.’

Fringe Review
‘Never dull and consistently funny, Getting Out seems remarkably realistic, but simultaneously highly theatrical.’

Dan played by actor Timothy O'Hara

What’s on Stage
‘A rip-roaringly vulgar comedy…a real treat’
‘This is after all what comedy used to be about!’


‘It is rude, it is politically incorrect and it is very very funny’
‘Performed with such relish that the audience follows the occasional gasp with a roar of laughter.’
‘With such endearing characters it is a little sad having to say goodbye.’

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