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Habibti Driver

Habibti Driver (which started life as Burkas and Bacon Butties) is a heart-warming ‘east meets west’ comedy charting a father daughter relationship over the course of a year.

Ashraf is an Egyptian, a Muslim and a taxi driver and Shazia is his half Egyptian, half Wigan, twenty-something daughter.


Through multiple journeys in Ashraf’s taxi we explore the nuances of a mixed-culture family in contemporary Britain – the secrets kept and the stories told, and ask whether, despite the differences, family can win out regardless of the bacon butties…

It was workshopped by the RSC, and then had a full production at the Bolton Octagon in 2022. It's published by Nick Hern books (click here to purchase the text!) and is currently optioned for TV by Northern Sister. 

Habibti Driver - The Bolton News

Too often comedies try too hard to be edgy or 'out there' so it's a real pleasure to come across a production that has real heart and real laughs.

There are some great one-liners and you're never too far away from a real belly laugh. But as well as the humour, you'll also enjoy the genuine warmth that's at the heart of the play.

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Habibti Driver - Manchester Evening News - ****


"An unapologetically camp comedy with plenty of personality, Habibti Driver is playful but provides profundity in its plot."

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