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Getting Away

Getting Away was features the highly physical character of the ‘artist’ who has been asked to create a graphic series for commuters.

As he uses repurposed superheroes from his previous novels, brand new characters, and a character based on his real life crush, chaos ensues. He finally finishes the novel (or the superheroes finish it for him) and has the confidence to ask out the girl of his dreams.

Camden New Journal
‘Getting Away is worthy of a punt and the generous abundance of sound comic ideas, in two senses of the word, result in a likely second hit for this up-coming playwright’

The British Theatre Guide
‘The whole cast play their multiple roles with gusto…the audience were hooting with pleasure – this isn’t thrown together, it has been carefully constructed for ephemeral comic-strip lightness, although, like any successful cartoon strip, there are deeper layers behind it. Teamwork and timing here really pay off.’

‘A brilliantly observed relationship comedy…I still don’t understand how it was pulled off so successfully’.

Ham & High
***** – ‘a very very funny play!’

The Stage
‘The ensuing hilarity will be familiar to anyone who enjoys a good old Alan Ayckbourn farce…Henley’s talent for observational comedy adds freshness and sparkle, while her empathetically drawn characters – performed by a lively cast – are a real pleasure to watch.’

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