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Another Way

I wrote ‘Another Way’ with Tori Allen-Martin for Interval Productions in 2013. It ran for a month at the Cockpit Theatre in London.

Another way, featuring the songs of ‘Benedict’, comprises three short stories about three young London based pairings over the course of three months – taking you from an Indian summer in October through to New Year’s Eve.

Another Way featured Bart Edwards and Julie Atherton and received three Off West End Awards nominations including ‘Best New Musical’.

The Stage

‘Sarah Henley and Tori Allen-Martin’s dialogue is exquisite, capturing the humour and heartache of young people on the brink of success and settling down…Witty and charming, Another Way should leave you with a smile on your face…for the future of musical theatre in the UK.’


‘Damn Another Way was good!’

West End Frame

‘It feels like you’ve discovered a hidden gem…Sarah Henley and Tori Allen-Martin’s script could not be any more honest and funny. The art of realism is hard to master when it comes to both writing and performing, but in Another Way it is written and performed to perfection, making the show incredibly relatable and appealing to those young at heart and to those who are easily won over by a soppy, true-to-life love story…With Another Way the future is full of endless possibilities, I think I may have fallen in love with this very special piece of theatre.’ ****

Bargain Theatreland

‘Nothing can be found wanting in the execution of Tori Allen-Martin and Sarah Henley’s beautiful story…Simple, grounded, charming and full of heart, you know within seconds that you’re in for one special ride, but a gentle one that will hold your hand and remind you that anything is possible.’

The Upcoming
‘Scripted brilliance and heartfelt acting…Razor-sharp comedy often created from the most banally modern places…

Musical Theatre Review

‘Another Way has a good deal of charm but shows an even greater deal of promise for the future of musical theatre in the UK’

Broadway World

‘The theatrical equivalent of a good date movie’

West End Wilma

Another Way has so much potential, with great writers and actors behind it and with a little bit of work it could become something very special.’

Fourth Wall

‘With Another Way there is a sense of huge bravery…the show feels very now.’

UK Theatre Network

‘A lovely show, beautiful songs and a great cast.‘

The Public Reviews

‘Relevant and fresh …It is unusually subtle for contemporary musical theatre and leaves you wanting more.’ ****

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