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MUTED (formerly After the Turn) was produced by Interval Productions for The Bunker Theatre in 2016. It contains songs by Tim Prottey-Jones and Tori Allen-Martin.


It tells the story of Michael Brookman, an exceptional young musician whose band was on the brink of stardom, until his mother was suddenly killed in a hit and run accident. Since then he hasn’t uttered a word.


The show picks up Michael’s story three years after the accident. Michael lives largely in the past, re-running his teenage years in his mind. He is under the care of his frustrated, stock-broker young uncle who plans on moving to Singapore, and would like the ‘situation’ to just go away.


Lauren, Michael’s ex-girlfriend, has now hooked up with Jake, Michael’s ex-band-mate. Jake has pursued the band since the accident and finally has another shot at the big-time. But there's one catch: The record label want Michael back as the frontman. 


Jake persuades Lauren to help recruit Michael, but their reunion unearths long-forgotten feelings. As uncomfortable truths force their way out into the open, we are left wondering whether some cracks are just too big to paper over.


Theatre Weekly


The Stage


London Theatre


Love London Love Culture


"A new British hit is born." - London Theatre
"A powerfully performed original British rock musical." - The Stage
"It...will leave audiences breathless." - Talk Stagey To Me
"Sharp and thought-provoking." - Love London Love Culture
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