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The Unblinding

The Unblinding started as a musical and then developed into a graphic novel with audio and songs.

The Unblinding tells the story of Eden, a young man from Peckham, whose skin lights up revealing the mystical world of time and the creatures that weave it. It's set in a world where people are behaving recklessly - gambling away their worldly goods, throwing themselves off buildings...our reluctant hero must work out why this is happening and use his gift to save mankind before it's too late.

So far we have had a sharing of the pilot episode at the Bussey Building in Peckham with images and a cast of live actors on the radio play. It went brilliantly and we are currently assessing next steps.

'Sarah Henley may well be one of the most astonishing new talents in the British musical theatre world...there is something reassuringly familiar and traditional about this fable: although the characters have taken the guises of those people on the streets of Peckham you walk past to get to the venue, there is in the mythic figure at the centre of the story, and the cheerfully recognisable spaces in which his story is played out, a delightfully simple match of the whimsically fantastic and the simple and work-a-day that recalls a much more well-worn dramatic tradition.'

Julian Eaves - The Upcoming

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